tv interview, 1986 – 87 , in Paris for “music for the masses”, and Miraval (south of france) for “kiss me kiss me kiss me”, and beautiful STRANGELOVE acousti…
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  • Funny what Robert says about KMKMKM and double records because about two days ago i was discussing the record with my gf and was making the point that the problem with it really is that it’s a double album and only has about 8 good songs. Now those 8 songs are great but the rest is either meh or embarassingly bad (torture, All i want, fight fight fight). Sorry robert but you’re wrong, you also padded your double album with songs that should have been left on the cutting room floor.

  • it’s cute how he says “we couldn’t just work at home”, because you could now! LOL

  • Wow!! this guys are amazing! doing music with those computers in that time!!! …masters!

  • On the contrary! The Cure are awesome though and are my 2nd fave band after depeche.

  • “Six Different Ways” from the 1985 album ‘The Head On The Door’.

  • I think the reason why this video has so many visits is that extraordinary “STRANGELOVE” ACOUSTIC VERSION !!! ;D

  • not sure if i ever wanted to go see the cure and depeche move live. I’d like to remember DM and the cure they way they look back in the 1980s especially in music videos. at least i got my iphone that i can use when ever i’m at events. i use it at work.


  • I think it´s a BBC micro the Computer uses Martin L.Gore, 80´s was fobulous for all, music computers and all… ohh I love this times…

  • guys, at around 1:00 isn’t it basically Policy of Truth, a song from 3-4 years later??

  • OMG, it seems so long ago now, when you see the images – still the sound of Music for the Masses is a timeless masterpiece.

  • FLOPPIE DISC…….wow i didnt know they could hold that much info.

  • Fuck yeah! Two Godlike bands and two of the best albums EVER!!!!

  • i was thinking the same thing. in his genre, gore is held in high regard as a songwriter.