Trailer for “Ravenous”, a ’99 black comedy / horror by Antonia Bird with Robert Carlyle and Guy Pearce in lead roles. + You Are Who You Eat +.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I love Robert Carlyle’s chuckle when the guy said “He was licking me!”

  • I’m putting this on my Netflix list, because I love Robert Carlyle and Guy

  • Look European to me. Being a pure blood of the tribe of Kanienkehaka which
    is part of the Haudenosaunee Nation (also known as the Iroquois) I’ve never
    been able to grow a beard or mustache of your nature. I’m just saying.

  • if i had watched this trailer before i seen the movie it would have ruined
    the movei for me

  • Day 3 : Ravenous

    I was recommended this by a few people. and I was a little hesitant going
    into it. Cannibalism in the 1800’s? Eh. But I was pleasantly surprised to
    find more of a black comedy/horror, with an amazing cast.

    Although there was a time or two when I could see exactly was coming, this
    movie kept me engaged the entire 98 minutes. The absurdity suddenly not
    only becomes plausible, but inevitable. I highly enjoyed how it took on the
    subjects of morality and quasi-philosophy. Savage, brutal,poetic.

    While there’s gore in this film (and it’s a well-known fact that I’m not a
    big fan of gore as a whole), this is the kind of gore I enjoy; it’s
    illustrative as opposed to gratuitous. I almost didn’t even notice it
    because it was so beautifully done and well-placed.

    I wasn’t so much a fan of the music accompaniment, but that was pretty
    minor. I found it distracting as opposed to complimentary.

    Absolute thumbs up.

  • Among my favorite Cannibal films, it has a comedic flair to it. The cast
    and writing is just awesome. A great adaptation of the Wendigo myth.

  • @chainbluelightning1 true dat true dat…its movies like these that made me
    go into film making

  • Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t give ratings, they collect the ratings everyone
    else gives.

  • FUNNY?!?! ..This was funny?! I actually don’t remember (watched it a few
    times; 5-7 years ago; so i barely remember what transpired) HOWEVER—I
    remember this being an amazing movie; and I had a massive crush on Guy
    Pierce in this movie…Very amazing movie…i WILL watch it for the THIRD;
    time this month