Pro-Russian gunmen stormed offices of a strategic region, deepening the crisis for Ukraine’s new government even as it was…
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  • WHere is the «Storm» of «Pro Russian Gunmen»? Do you write periodism or

  • This is gonna be an all out war in the matter of hours It feels like.
    Pro-Russian activist take one point, Pro-Westerners claim another and so
    on, and The guns are now involved, which at one point they where not.

  • After reading a couple articles from MSNBC, all I can say is wow. That
    outlet hates the Russians. Ridiculously misleading information, trying
    again to shape the publics view. Seem like the same thing from the Georgian
    events. Even pro-Russian news media RT isn’t that bad, including (can’t
    believe I’m saying this) Fox News. 

  • I thought Russia wouldn’t » negotiate with «people in black masks with
    weapons» -Medvedev