The records I recently got from Rasputin Music, and one from a trade with EoLoVoX. Depeche Mode’s “Some Great Reward” is my pick of the bunch.

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  • Thanks Matt! I haven’t had a chance to split the cellophane on that MBV comp yet (Is it possible for someone to get vinyl withdrawal symptoms?) but I’m definitely looking forward to spending some time with it. I’m glad you like the Bon Iver.

    Have you heard Depeche Mode’s ‘Violator’ (1990) yet? If not, drop everything and buy a copy. In my opinion, it’s a masterpiece, and by far my favorite DM album. There simply isn’t a weak track anywhere on it.

  • I guess not! haha, i bet in 30 years you will have some 23 year old scratching his head over your arcane Mogwai references. Your channel is great, keep it going!

  • I see Depeche Mode all the time at my record store I just havent picked anything up.. but then again I only know them for personal jesus really. I’ll pick some up next time I go if I see it and give it another go :)

  • Also, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t exaggerating. I live in a downtown area right by a huge campus and every spot had “Skinny Love” blasting in 2008 lol- since I’ve been seduced by the new LP (you must get it eventually) I’ve considered listening to Emma again.

  • I’m desperate for Depeche Mode’s remixes. The one with Personal Jesus remix. I think I’ll have to hook for it. It’s so expensive. Depeche Mode is an amazing amazing band, love love love them. Hope you had fun @ yo mammy’s. I want to see California someday! I’m freaking out about the new Bon Iver. It’s just so pretty. I really love that Faust cover! Particularly the tree.

  • Apparently, you DO know the way to San Jose! Such an interesting mix of albums, kept watching to the end. Always a pleasure to see your recent vinyl finds. Thanks for posting!

  • Great pickups. CAN! It’s very hard to decide on a favorite album by them.

    I’ve always been curious about those Radiohead singles but never picked any of them up. They have great art for sure.

    Faust! Need to check out their more recent stuff. Pere Ubu! I’ve also been meaning to check out their other albums besides the ones I have like The Modern Dance and Dub Housing.

    Cool trade, hope Rob gets into MBV. lol I thought Flume was played more often in cafes, probably a regional thing.

  • Cool video. For Emma is my favorite Bon Iver release so far so I hope you enjoy it. Love that Depeche Mode album. I have heard of Skeletons but haven’t checked them out yet.