Now on-line — another ‘Selected’ video report. Following mother nature’s intervention, find out how stress levels are faring, meet Mr Cronin — our last minut…
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  • love when «Tour De France» came out in the road that was amazing!!

  • Dear Alan. I’m from Russia and I’m afraid now.. I want you to be OK. I hope
    that the weather will stabilizes and that you’ll come to St. Petersburg ;))
    I’m sending you all the best of my thoughts, hopes and wishes. PS: you look
    so fine……… (c) ;))

  • Thank you for the party in Budapest Alan!!!!!!!!! We met on the Meet &
    Greet, you are very kind and we wait to come back.

  • Dear Maestro! Dear Mr. Wilder! Dear Alan! We in St Petersburg are longing
    for you to come here! I really do hope that no f*** volcano can ruin my
    dream to see you! It’s my birthday on the 2nd of May and the best present
    for me will be your show! The most devoted fans are waiting for you in St
    Petersburg! We all admire you and your WILDERST music ever! :) PS Alan, you
    look really great! Thank you for being there for us! I love you so much!
    Take care and please come to Russia to make us happy!

  • Nice one Alan. Was expecting a George Formby tribute band at the end there
    though. Good luck with the rest of the tour.

  • Wir fahr’n fahr’n fahr’n auf der Autobahn… Nice that you are going on
    despite Iceland’s volcanic eruption. Some people just whine becouse they
    cant come home from Poland (to Finland) due to the fact they cant fly.
    Hopefully your vodka (and coffee) will maintain your spirit on.

  • wISH you good luck for the long journeys by car….! Thank you for this new
    video with local views, music, people, ambiance, good vibes, really!

  • good the see the boss again n_n such a profesional artist hope you’re doing
    well and you can travel safe ps: I want some recoil cake too! :P

  • Alan, even if you can’t be playing with Martin and Dave, you’ll be forever
    a DepecheMode guy. Every devotee in the world don’t accept you’re out of
    the band. I wanna ask you something… Let’s show them you’re still better
    than ever. Whatch my live perfoming ( I’m main vocal of a Depeche Mode
    Cover Band Brazil) and give me a chance to sing some of your tracks. I
    promice I won’t be disappoint you. Cheers from

  • Thank you Alan it has been great to see you in Budapest. Take care and see
    you soon.

  • Come to Poland, yeaah :) in 2013! .. Depeche Mode is/was The Best with
    Alan! :)

  • since you gotta drive everywhere.. you should grab yourself something to
    hear your audio over the car speakers.. one of those fm transmitters or
    just a 1/8″ cable if the stereo has an input.. and work some some road
    tunes ;D