Recoil – Drifting.
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  • i love alan wilder so much. he is a genius. beautiful inside and outside,
    humble, funny, a great person and a fantastic musician. just perfect. ♥

  • Charles…el mejor.Mente creativa, si la hay. Saludo, desde Mar del Plata.

  • have you noticed? some of those samples are from “Jezebel” most notably the
    drum beat and the record scratch

  • Well, this band has obviously never heard a Portishead record before.

  • Alan has worked on and provided feedback for the recent re mastering of old
    DM material. Having travelled a “rocky” road all credit to him. A great an
    innovating inspiration to many.

  • He barely wrote songs when he was in DM. That was mostly done by Martin.
    But Alan def did a good share of experimenting with sound which made DM
    original. However, it’s understandable, he wanted to try something new and
    went solo.

  • In Depeche mode he was much better. It was so silly from his side to leave
    Depeche mode! I miss his music there!

  • C’mon people that’s something that happened 14 YEARS AGO!!! life keeps
    going don’t get stuck in the past!

  • MONSIEUR Alan est un tres bon musicien et un bidouilleur de genie.Son
    travail dans recoil est fantastique,les mixages et les sons me laissent
    sans voix a chaque ecoute des titres.Moi qui tripote un peut du synthé et
    de la guitare ainsi que mon studio numerique j’espere devenir un jour aussi
    bon que lui.c’est un model pour moi

  • He is just way out there his art is so ahead of our time. Love Alan

  • that´s quality!!! simply awesome combination of sounds gathering to a mood!

  • the thing is that they recorded that with Dave McDonald of Portishead…

  • pretty cool. sounds like alan’s experimenting with Trip Hop sound. He
    should collaborate with Martina from Tricky.

  • The person I was replying to expressed hopes that Alan would return to
    Depeche Mode. Alan never seems to hear the end of that. A biorgraphy of
    Depeche Mode was released a few years ago. In it, Alan stated bluntly that
    he never fit in and that his work was never given a lot of appreciation. He
    reached the breaking point after the Devotional tour.

  • Massive Attack and Recoil are the gratest ambient and trip hop band aroud
    the world. Alan Come Back I please you!!!!