Recoil - Grain

Recoil – es el proyecto de Alan Wilder Tema No. 1 – “Grain” del álbum “Hydrology” de 1988 Escrita y producida por Alan Wilder.

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  • Alan had definitely listened to too much Philip Glass at that point. :)

  • it reminds me little 15.. he did defined DM sound! So, as @Distroyd I feel
    nostalgia.. He plays and creates with <3 and then he´ll be recognized for
    many many years. This song is strangely beautiful, fragile and strong at
    the same time.. A gem! *_* Bless him. <3

  • Like a sunset in a ghost’s heart. Love it. Haunting but serene and tranquil.

  • he is an great emotion creator …his fingers like water …he controlled
    so much emotions.. amazing .. but why without Depeche Mode… pain ? sorry
    …i feel pain..when i hear this sounds !!

  • Yes. I’m not too familiar with Glass. I LOVE this kind of music though.
    (Not too familiar with it.) What Philip Glass works sound most like this
    music? Thanks. =Dan

  • Even though I can´t forget and forgive that he left DM while Dave was
    deeply addicted and sick, I have to admit that some songs of Recoil aren´t
    that bad at all.