Second video from the 2000 Recoil album – Liquid.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Ce gars ressemble à un type qui prends le bus avec moi, un musulman pur source de type afro avec le même bouc et les mêmes sales dents. :D

  • 古い音源の楽曲もクオリティも凄いが これを蘇生させたAlan Wilderの天才性には驚くばかりだ この曲にスクラッチを入れたり途中でエスノの要素を取り入れたりDAW上の編集だからできたとしても この緊迫感に迫れるものは誰もいない

  • heard this originally ( a version of it) from the film THE HOLE. Love this version!!

  • Необычно,экстраирдинарно,замечательно задумано.!

  • This blend of modern and sinister with old-time and folksy is such an addictive hybrid. Does anyone know any similar songs of this style?

  • When i am listening to something from Recoil, my first thought is “wow something is missing”, and my second thought is – “yeah – the voice of Dave Gahan and this tiny bit of depression, that made me crazy about this band”. When I am listening to the last songs from DM, I mean without Alan Wilder, what I am thinking is that the band needs the DRUMS and this special dirty beat and rhythm.

  • Depeche without Alan isn’t DM but a cover band. Recoil is much better

  • Moby appropriated Recoil’s sound for his Go album and made it radio friendly. Recoil is vastly superior.

  • Hello, Recoil people!
    Sad but true-no Recoil albums since 2007.
    We all are in love with Alan Wilder and his band, so our duty is to remind him of his mission. He is really gifted, so it is hard to see him burying his talent.
    Join the Twitter Flashmob ALAN, WE NEED YOUR TALENT and invite your friends.
    Flashmob dates: 23.09-30.09
    Official Accounts:
    @Recoilboss, @recoilofficial