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  • “Carla was on her break from the graveyard shift at The Mayonnaise
    Factory.” “Carla started to think of Jack as a Luscious Apparatus…in a
    meat suit.” Twisted. Haunting. Hilarious.

  • Great! Alan is genius. Final piece of music is awesome Text is real poetry

  • Chuffin’ hell,this is frighteningly brilliant,there’s nothing to compare to
    Recoil,it is totally unique.

  • I feel like I just finished watching mystery thriller movie…Good
    one,too…Such a different song…and so intense it gets…I know I am a
    sucker for Trip Hop…But,this one…Pretty unique and
    impressive…Hmmmm…I Love It…

  • Alan, tu es un génie! Ta musique est purement cinématographique… L’image
    est superflue. Seule la musique compte… Brilliant!!!!

  • The sound of the Abyss staring back… The brothers Grimm and Nick Cave
    would envy the story.