Extraído del álbum ‘Random Is Resistance’ (2008)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Rotersand is not industrial, however they definitely are good EBM. If you
    would like to hear Industrial then check out 80’s Skinny Puppy and Front
    Line Assembly.

  • The Song of the Day: «Waiting to be Born» by Rotersand, from the 2009 album
    Random is Resistance. Some excellent futurepop from Germany.

  • @GotikusIndustrialis Well, at least Oomph! and Rammstein still manage to
    get their albums high into the german charts.

  • Rotersand seems to be a German name, like Joachim too. Why didn’t you write
    your comment in German? I wouldn’t write it in English…. ;D

  • @TheKMFDMmachine I’m from Belgium and as a matter of fact, I like Lady Gaga
    a lot. Truth is that she is a musician, and she is not the right example to
    despise. I’d point out a lot of other so called artists in comparison to
    this masterpiece by Rotersand, but Lady Gaga still can play and compose by
    herself some tunes wich are not as retarded as it seems («Bad Romance», for
    example, is to me one hell of a song and musically speaking, worth really
    listening to).

  • oh, I know! Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beiber, One Direction, etc… What’s up
    with that? e_e

  • Pff, I can’t like it more than once :( Saw Rotersand in Utrecht @ Cyberia a
    few years ago, best Cyberia _ever_.

  • Lady Gaga will mix anything in with her «music» if she thinks it will sell
    to her brain dead fans.

  • great song of them. Instantly got a 5 star rating from me. a good
    recognizable music line. different instrumental hook lines, varying more
    than 2 themes, all at good speed. So let me call Rotersand’s music
    progressive. (of course it’s also euro music *g*)

  • This type of music was born — sort of — in the late 70’s, when certain
    german clubs started playing b-sides and remixes of pop songs instead of
    the usual top chart versions. Those were the first underground dance clubs,
    so to speak, hideouts of a frustrated youth drowning in lsd and heroin.
    Those were the days…

  • Side-Line Music Awards 2010 Best Single: 3. Rotersand — «Waiting To Be
    Born» (7,038) 1. Covenant — «Lightbringer» (10,330) 2. Combichrist —
    «Scarred» (8,983) 4. In Strict Confidence — «Silver Bullets» (6,825) 5.
    I:Scintilla — «Prey On You» (6,027)

  • I’m a huge fan of industrial, aggrotech, and definitely euro music. I’m
    also a huge fan of Lady Gaga. Could we please just fucking focus on the
    artist at hand here? Stop demeaning one artist (especially if not of the
    same genre) to put another on a pedestal. It’s disgraceful.