I’ve stayed in one place for too long Gotta get on the run again I saw the one thing that I want Hell bent, get outta bed I’m throwing rocks at your window Y…
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  • Why they had to end such a great show is beyond me. More like canceling it
    which makes it even worse. Oh well. We still have Netflix. But then it
    makes me even more sad because there’s only three seasons of it ;(

  • I loved every episode of it!! Should deffo have done one or two more

  • they didnt cancel it they just thought it should end

  • I’m french and they are spreading this show every sunday (season 2,
    actually) in France. Lie to Me is just awesome, I love Dr. Lightman !!! ;)

  • I wish there was something we could do to get it back!!! :( :( :(

  • @DKTeddyBear well, you’re right with that. But her voice pitched slightly
    up when she was saying that last thing. Normally that would be that she’s
    insecure? I don’t know if she is, cause I couldn’t set a baseline, but I
    don’t trust that completly. I have to ask her further on that.

  • those 2 sentences are either part of the baseline, as thats the first
    things u hear from her or u dont know the baseline if u want to know if
    this is a lie + After u have a baseline, u look at body language and tone
    of voice, theres nothing of that here :)

  • My dad and I are watching Lie to Me right now- going through season 2. Damn
    shame that we only have a season and a half left- it’s quite a good show! I
    enjoy watching it so much and so does my dad! We can’t wait to get together
    every night and watch it together. I hope someone picks this up again and
    continues it!

  • Firefly has that honor, but Lie to me was pretty badass and I loved it.
    Deserves at least a movie to close any loose ends.

  • I don’t fully believe her you see.. She kinda give it away in the first
    sentence when she actually say something that’s completely of her baseline
    an screamed though..

  • Yeah, for the love of a decent program, somebody pick up Lie to Me and
    bring it back. Most brilliant show that’s ever been on TV, and I’m almost
    60! Great music too.

  • no, constantly mentions that he worked to get to where he is and that he
    hates naturals. it’s just that i also can’t really be all that bothered to
    seriously learn it even though i know it would be extremely interesting if
    i did. in short, I have other priorities right now (^_^)