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  • This probably has more useful information than any other youtube video I
    have seen

  • that is what you think. his gun is customized it has less recoil bieng
    compensated. he shld use guns for carry. out from the box

  • The idea is fundamentals. Good form is not affected no matter what type
    accessory you are using. If he was attempting to show CCW drills, then yes,
    he should switch to a production gun, but even then I know many who use
    compensated firearms for CCW. Some even have LWD red dot sights mounted on.

  • This was wonderful. I just watched Troutdoor’s video on the same subject
    but he says we should grip as hard as we can. Interesting. Thank you Saul.

  • A great shooter and a great coach! Love your training DVDs, rock on Saul!

  • one problem i have with my 92fs is getting bit when i try to get high upon
    the grip.good video, god bless

  • The manipulation of handgun for fighting is slightly different than what
    Saul had to say. I was looking for videos demonstrating how to effectively
    apply the handgun in a defensive situation, not how to control recoil when
    shooting at stationary targets.

  • Great video! Would you recommend a padded palm shooting glove to help with
    recoil? Thanks

  • I’ve been to Front Sight and taken 4 handgun courses so I know talent when
    I see it. This was a very good well made video and you are very very good
    at shooting and teaching others to shoot.