This is the definitive CD to own, just in case you get stranded on a desert island. Heartfelt & intelligent! Seabound — Double-Crosser…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Not a fan of Seabound but this track is easily on one of my lists of
    favorites. It just has a moodiness to it that I can’t pinpoint.

  • haha, it’s going to be strange to listen to Spinath’s talk at my university
    in june ^^’ there are so many cool profs.. it would be awesome to be one of
    them someday.. well, first the PhD..

  • :(( you’ll find someone who deserves you some day and that ‘abusive’ person
    will just be a memory.

  • «Talk to me I need you to remedy My misery Comfort me It’s time that you
    made up For what you’ve done to me» Love this…sounds like betrayal and
    revenge <33

  • thnak god for Pandora, yet another great band that app introduced me to

  • DIE FOR ME! Because if we fail I’d rather see you cold than live without me!

  • @herguardian angel1991 I know how you feel on all fronts there… I’m glad
    you’ve found happiness. I have, too! I hope it lasts, for both of us.

  • @bloodymissb you obviously have a huge grasp on the concept yourself, fyi i
    am in the music industry and cd sales don’t mean anything to a band that
    isn’t mainstream. They make much more off of merchandise and concert sales
    than they will ever make off of cd sales. Try doing a little research
    before making yourself look ignorant.