"Should not have been inducted."

From The Morning Call, a daily newspaper in Allentown Pennsylvania USA, that popped up in my Google News feed (I don’t live anywhere near there but that’s Google for you).

Their «award-winning» music reporter writes:

«As I said the first two times the band was nominated, its new wave electronic sound had a lot of fans, but in reality, the band offered nothing new, different or particularly lasting. Should not have been inducted.»

[Article here.](https://www.mcall.com/entertainment/lehigh-valley-music/mc-ent-rock-hall-of-fame-inductees-20200115-lbegbopi7fajdpcxtg2x6n6d7q-story.html)

OK my friends who want to comment on this…GO!

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  • «A daily newspaper in Allentown, PA.» Yeah, say no more — no offense. That is barely an article worth writing. Explain to us HOW they did not «offer anything new.» Their massive success throughout 3 decades says something much different, pal.

    This guy is the equivalent of the guy in the UK who wrote Kid A was ‘nothing new and sounds like Aphex Twin.’

  • Ok well this nomination means something to them. I know it does. And there will always always be haters. Someone is always going to take a shot at you. Not sure why you posted this here. Obviously we will all disagree. Music journalists are hacks.

  • DM is arguably the most influential on the list of inductees. HOF has proven yet again that it is not to be taken seriously by including Whitney Houston and Biggie, who have no place in a rock hall of fame, they weren’t crossover artists, they weren’t rock and roll, period. It’s ridiculous. They include these rappers and pop singers yet don’t put in Soundgarden, Motorhead, or Thin Lizzy, bands that are like the epitome of rock music. Or what about Judas Priest, the second most influential metal band after Black Sabbath.