SixToes feat. Dave Gahan – Low Guns. From the forthcoming The Morning After, set for release in early 2014. The first taste of the new album will be released…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Not great! Except for Dave voice, not as good as Soulsavers, it is just my

  • Oooooops, too many mistakes: my poor English is dying! One for all: I meant
    “several” times, not “sever”…! jajajajajaja…blush!

  • Thank you for sharing the song! I didn’t know anything about it – you guys
    are always in the front row! :)) At first listening, I must say I don’t
    like it: if it wasn’t for the little piece sung by Dave (wonderful voice,
    best in the universe), I wouldn’t have listened until the end. It seems
    they’re trying to imitate Soulsavers’s music, obviously without
    success.Anyway, I will listen to it sever times just to see if this is only
    my first impression.. THANK U a lot again!!