Solitary Experiments — Do you Feel ( HD )
Solitary Experiments - Do you Feel ( HD )

On e of my favorite EBM bands. That says a lot since I am not a huge Ebm fan. Enjoy the video, its a song I cherish:)

  • My emotions are not strong enough to express what I feel
    And in my mind I wish I could to explain this never-ending fear
    Lost in my thoughts
    I walk around looking for the truth
    Probably it was not in vain because now I know I miss you

  • Meine Gefühle sind nicht stark genug, um auszudrücken, was ich fühle
    Und in meinem Kopf, ich wünschte, ich könnte dieses nie endenden Furcht zu
    In meinen Gedanken verloren
    Ich gehe auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit
    Wahrscheinlich war es nicht umsonst, denn jetzt weiß ich, ich vermisse dich

    Haben Sie das Licht in der funkelnden Sonne spüren
    Welche scheint unten auf Sie?
    Haben Sie die Zeit erinnern
    Wenn wir uns verliebt und alles bedeutete neu?
    Haben Sie die Zeit fühlen
    Macht die Welt gehen um
    Und nichts konnte alles zu stoppen?
    Haben Sie die Streifen zu sehen
    Nachdenken in den Himmel von den Sternen hoch über?

    Langsam verliere ich meinen Glauben an die Hoffnung
    Denn niemand verstehen
    Ich mag, dass nur, um Sie von allen Umständen zu schützen
    Alle meine Bemühungen blieben ohne Ergebnis, um Ihnen zu zeigen, ich bereue
    Und ich verspreche, alles zu tun, die es braucht
    Ein glückliches Ende

  • Not EBM? I guess a lot of people weren’t around when Front 242 pioneered
    the subgenre. Go back and listen to some Headhunter, and then come back and
    tell me this is not EBM. Just because it’s not harsh like a lot of aggro
    acts these days doesn’t qualify it as synthpop. If anything I would say
    this is a crossover of EBM and futurepop.

  • This song makes me want to fuck a German girl in the ass in a Nazi uniform
    whilst there are people being gassed.

  • Actually they are not a synthpop band. They are more Electro,
    Electro-Industrial (at times even Aggrotech) or latey EBM. This song and
    about 3 others they have are as soft & synthpop as they get. But anyway, I
    once recall when these artists and many others were not even considered EBM
    but simply Electro-Goth / Electro / Electro-Industrial. EBM was more
    post-Industrial-esque with military/angry/shouting vocals with banging body
    beats & rollo basslines full of energy. (a;Grumh, Bigod 20, Nitzer Ebb,
    Front 242, Spetznas, DAF, Die Krupps, FLA, early Oomph! early Ministry…)
    It seems like every Goth-tinged electro band is considered EBM now. I dont

  • Solitary Experiments — Do you Feel +Katarína Šimová +Wioletta Kierzk +Ela J moja
    muza :)))))) Czujecie?

  • You are right- this is a little more like synthpop than EBM which is why I
    like it. I am a huge traditional 1990s synthpop fan and the sound of this
    track def won my heart.

  • Dennis’s vocals really drive this song. They have a lot of emotion in them

  • More Synthpop than EBM. But I agree, they are very good. Many EBM bands
    have been too harsh the last 5 or so years. Less accessible. The vocals too
    distorted. The best times were around 1999-2006, then there was a few
    surprises here and there.