A while back one of my very best friends and I started up a just for fun musical project, and for lack of a better name called it Adam and Adam haha. It started as a duet of Acoustic Guitar and Hammered Dulcimer, but quickly grew to being anything we felt like throwing in the mix. We are known for going out on a limb and trying any musical ideas that excite us, and it is always a ton of fun to play music together. This tune represents one of the first things we ever tried together, which spawned it all. One of my favorite ballads of all time, Somebody by Depeche Mode, done in our own unique way.

Written by Depeche Mode
Arranged and Produced by Adam Howe and Adam Werner
Recorded and Mixed by Adam Howe
Mastered by JJ Golden @ goldenmastering.com
Released April, 2012

Adam Howe – Hammered Dulcimer, Programming, Percussion
Adam Werner – Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Patrick Williamson – Drums
David Howe – Upright Bass


Source by Adam Howe’s Official Production Reel