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  • I find it difficult to believe that directors are somehow overlooking
    Alan’s talents!

  • I would say that Martin is the heart and soul of depeche and Alan was a
    part of that soul and heart since he loved Martins Songs and he wanted the
    best sounds for them. But he is mainly gifted in sound design and
    engineering and he had lots of Musical skill to add to DM. But he will say
    it himself that Martin is a much better song writer composer that himself.
    The songs are where the soul is at and Alan felt and was one with that soul.

  • The thing is is that Martin has made so many top notch albums that its
    hard to beat those albums in any form. But And thats a big Butt,.lol Ultra
    was done without Alan at all, and many say its the just as good if not
    there best album and with as much soul as SOFAD or Violator. There just
    different albums,.I would say from Black Celibration to Ultra they where on
    a consistent peak with the most ambition pushing them to the Limits of
    Sound design. But there are still Great songs being produced!!!

  • depeche mode ya no merece que el este con ellos…. lo de alan es muy

  • The acoustic drums layered on top the TR808 Kick is very nicely mixed
    in…not too Alan said in the past : “One doesn’t need to mix
    drums too loudly “,, blends nicely… you could pick up the mixed better
    through a pair of monitor headphones… I have the FLAC audio file for this
    plus the whole album… free download via SONOIO website i recall…

  • @elarboldejoshua coicido plenamente con lo que decis vos! yo tmb lo vi aca
    en argentina y realmente fue increible lo que hizo! se supera todo el
    tiempo! amo a depeche mode, pero ahora mismo, sabiendo que todo el mundo
    estaba esperando que el sea el productor o coproductor del nuevo y ultimo
    disco de ellos,ellos ni sikiera lo consideraron, sabiendo que alan jamas
    los dejaria plantados… lastima, alla ellos, pero ya no tengo esperanzas
    con dm y realmente va a ser muy duro soportar otro sotu

  • YES!! I miss the dark soul of Depeche Mode! :( I still love them, always
    have and always will, but Alan Wilder was such an important part of their
    sound! I miss the big, sweeping arrangements of sound that haven’t really
    been there since he left! I wish they could come to terms with whatever
    caused him to leave, so he could go back and reunite with the voice and
    lyrics of Dave and Martin! <3

  • Alan actually did quite a job working with NE. Check their album ‘Ebbhead’
    , it was produced by Alan& Flood, an amazing combo we all know :)

  • Actually, he did change the beginning of the song, the music is subtly
    different, check the original version ;) As for the NE, you mean his remix
    for ‘I am undone’, right? Yes, that one is absolutely wonderful!

  • Alan Wilder is Genius. Depeche Mode needs him back. This even tops his “In
    Chains” remix.

  • @lilidpch tristepero cierto..DM ya no merece tener a Wilder..cuando
    pudieron salvarse del desastre alla por el 96 y lo ignoraron por
    capricho..exceptuando Ultra y Playing the Angel el resto es bastaaaaante
    flojo..Wilder se supera todo el tiempo..lo vi aqui en Argentina y fue mucho
    mas de lo que me esperaba..todo el aguante para el Alan que se sigue
    jugando y haciendo lo que le gusta..saludos a todos!!

  • BEST!! DM you really need him back if you need to achieve a higher height!

  • A beautiful song and Expression! ~ when Alan left DM, Depeche Mode no
    longer had a Soul. Does anyone else feel that way? I still Love DM…but it
    lacks a Soul.

  • I love how he just leaves the start of the song completely unchanged, but
    then adds bits and bits, more and more layers, cool drum beat, effects then
    the famouse Wilder string sound arrangement… and there they are: The
    goosebumbs! Yeah! Everybody else also loved especially his last NITZER
    EBB-remix? THAT is what DM is missing since 1995: goosebumbs due to perfect
    harmonies and production!!