"Soundcheck" with Alan Wilder - Directors Cut

“Soundcheck” with Alan Wilder – Directors Cut (C) derwesten.de.

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  • Fantastic to see this new extended version. The man is still a proper role
    model to me all these years later.

  • “once you have a team you can’t just change”… wish someone had reminded
    him of that in 1995

  • i think ULTRA is a great album,and the best they have done without Alan,but
    thats just me.

  • Although Alan leaving DM did affect in my opinion the the feel of the
    music, DM did manage to maintain their essence. One does wonder how DM
    would be if he did not leave the band.

  • I miss him in DM . . . . why he do not play in DM any more ?

  • A very humble and gracious man is Alan Wilder, and so interesting to listen
    to when he talking as evidenced by the other videos here on you tube

  • Depeche mode began and ended with Alan; so did the darkness; too bad!

  • Ultra was amazing on it’s own without Alan. Although Alan’s contribution
    would of made the album much better, it was also his absence that made it
    different. I liked Ultra over Exciter and PTA

  • This has just been GREAT! Watching Alan commenting on so many things! He is
    so honest.

  • See he knows just what DM needs…can you imagine how powerful Ultra would
    have sounded with Alan?

  • jesus he just has a computer for a brain i dont know how they manage to get
    songs so fast its crazy huge respect