"Soundcheck" with Alan Wilder Part 1 of 2

“Soundcheck” with Alan Wilder Part 1 of 2 (C) derwesten.de.
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  • I loved that….. Alan is the daddy… So so so so quietly brilliant…
    Always was…

  • I’m straight but I love this man, he changed my life cos his music, his
    sounds, contribution, and so on.

  • love to hear him talking about music in general, great interview!

  • Always good to hear him talking about his past. Everything he says is

  • Every Depesche individual is a fascinating character, but Alan is the
    special one, I know that may sound shallow, but thruth is what it

  • I support Alan, but I must say, there are some obvious jokes about his
    saying “Once you have a team, you can’t just change” … :/

  • I love when the Queens Park Rangers song plays and Alan is trying to figure
    it out..And then..Ah for christ’s sake haha brilliant, Say he’s alot
    happier with QPR now. Shame he isnt an Arsenal fan like myself, I know
    martin is though, I remember when I saw them last in Dublin and someone
    from the crowd through an arsenal jersey up on stage..