This is a selection of some takes during rehearsals for a video, which Anton Corbijn recorded from us. The final video, designed and cut by Anton Corbijn in …
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  • Please ignore my previous message tom! It turns out you are behind the
    awesome visuals! Great work…literally seen by millions globally, and
    talked about on all the DM forums. Well done, and thank you

  • this is the type of poi i would like to try now, im wicked with monkey
    fists and fire snakes, but this is something i really wanna give a go, how
    are you getting the huge inferno effect with the sparkle, when i did
    regular steel wool id get a wicked effect of flying specs but nothing like

  • I’ve just got back from watching Depeche Mode and the visuals for should be
    higher blew me away. The moment I got home I had to watch it another 3
    times! Awesome work. So glad I found who was behind the sparks! Thank you