Official video for Stardust by Martin L. Gore.

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  • I’m so glad martin said no to anti-depressants or well never found a good
    one l.o.l.what a his take on this song.his talent is just

  • Martin Gore prosto genij! U menja azh moroz po kozhe idet, kogda ja slyshu
    ego pesni!

  • Nagyon jók Martin szóló próbálkozásai, nekem a Counterfeit 1 valamivel
    jobban tetszett, de ez is nagyszerű!És mindig jól néz ki!

  • Martin Gore is talentad no question but what he does it s not the same like
    depeche mode its all the same if someone of a great band does solo works he

  • oh, look what they’ve done to the rock n’ roll clown. martin is the

  • i LOVE THIS SONG! Though i prefer if the crazy stripper girls
    weren’t……. stripping. Or Martin could be the one stripping. Either one
    works for me :)

  • mindenhogy jól néz ki! :D ..két napja hallgatom már folyamatosan ezt a
    számot! xD Love Martin and Love this song :)

  • This song rocks…and video is pretty good actually… The whole album is
    great! Martin L. Gore rulez!