Music video by Sting performing Brand New Day. (C) 1999 A&M Records.

  • Stab an u stern a steb A steb a anibanoo emu nimu nabu nayy stabanooba
    brand new day.

  • Today…I’m going to try to shut out all the ignorance, the hate, the
    selfishness, the judgmental, the self-absorbed, the negative, the
    narrow-mindedness of the world…I’m going to focus only on the kind, the
    generous, the compassionate, the accepting, the caring, the peaceful, the

    It’s a brand new day, trolls, and there is no place for you in it. *Step

  • Indeed this is Soul music, vibrating on the waves of ivory toned melodic

  • damn, what does neil patrick harris think he is jesus or something?

  • «Something something something…’Brand new day!'» HA HA HA HA! XD Dam you
    Family Guy, so true. XD

  • And again Big man…. i’m referring to the CONCEPT of the MUSIC video you
    fucking know it all. 

  • … samono stano stino hamono habulibi habule dabunobo brand new day…

    Best lyrics ever.


  • Great song. Brings back memories. Good and bad but time to move on :) 

  • This video is kinda trippy. People are saying Sting is having a Jesus
    complex, but that’s inside the frame. The frame being the family of three.
    He’s in a detergent commercial. If you listen to the first six lines of
    lyrics it sounds almost like he’s pitching in the advertising sense. Then
    they’re using Jesus to symbolize the power of the detergent to «clean
    anything.» It’s funny if you think about how it’s called the «miracle
    detergent.» His fall near the end is weird, can’t tell if the kid was
    perhaps manipulating the commercial in the sense that they were filming it
    live and he was directing it. If you listen to the line of lyrics that
    begin with «I’m the rhythm in your tune,» that’s like sexual innuendo right
    there. At first in the commercial he starts splashing water at them for
    fun, but then he looks pissed near the end before he finally bows to them
    as a closing to his performance. So maybe it was a show and not a detergent
    commercial. Or maybe the detergent is supposed to represent materialism.
    And we’re not even shown what the kid draws. I would write more, but
    youtube probably wasn’t meant for music video analysis like English class.