Stories of Old (great song) & Dave's Voice changing...

OK I posted this remix before & i’m posting something about it again. Starting at about 17 minutes, it moves into remix of «Stories of Old» off Some Great Reward. It loops repeatedly «amounting to disastrous effect.»


1) Although i’ve heard the song before, it’s one of those deep tracks you almost never hear or think about.

2) The remix sounds better to me than the original.

3) This is such a GREAT deep track.

4) I’m focused on how Dave’s voice sounds. I feel like it’s a good study in how he sounded then vs. now. Then, his voice sounded higher pitched—slightly whiny even & much more hyper-English. Now, it sounds deeper, more raw/emotional/soulful/wider range & less English. I LOVE his voice then. and I LOVE his voice now so I don’t feel like I’m losing in either scenario.

Anyway, it’s just interesting to me because there is a stark difference. Anyone else ponder on Dave’s changing vocals & have any thoughts? I saw a post somewhere that his vocals were off during the Exciter tour I believe. So, possibly he transitioned around then….? I recall reading he worked with a vocal coach after he went sober and of course people’s voices tend to deepen & crackle more with age.

One more song on this remix that is a sleeper that I never think about: To Have & To Hold off MFTM.

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