Sample reel footage of Depeche Mode tribute band STRANGELOVE performing live July 28th, 2011 at The Hangar @ OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. Booked exclusively th…
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  • what the fckk is fletch doing with alans emulator hahahah

  • No need to get upset! it’s a tribute band! there not stealing anything!

  • fuck you! DM is only one and tghis is bullshit,just to make money and they stealing song fuckers

  • i just saw those guys for like the third time its amazing every time!!! / saw them before strangelove name charge too so ive lost count of hw many times but strangelove is a blast to watch if i didnt knw better id said i feel like im at a DM shw mode on freddie brent david in the fletch thanks for using ur talent to pay tribute to DM :D :D :D

  • These guys are amazing! The entire production is the best by far of any tribute band. Why wait for Depeche Mode to tour in 2013 when you can see STRANGELOVE perform LIVE anytime in 2012! THIS IS NOT a “cover band” but a group of 4 multi talented performers and musicians that pay respect and homage to the songs of Depeche Mode by paying attention to every last detail, note, costume,, movement, video and more! LOVE YA GUYS! Jen in San Diego

  • No they are not the real depeche mode, but they are damn close! They actually are a cover band that does a great job at portraying the original band and their music. It is a lot of fun to watch them perform live! You can tell they put a lot of work into their show to make sure people feel like they are actually seeing the real thing. If you ever get a chance to watch them…make sure you do not miss out!

  • er kniet zwar nicht aufm boden rum aber alles andere cool ! respekt jungs ! super gemacht !