Live from the Pearl Concert Theatre in the Palms Las Vegas. During the song Dave looks and smiles into the camera. I have been going to DM concerts for over …

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  • I LOVE this man! And all of them.. I can’t get enough of them ever.. no
    matter how big they get, they still interact with the audience and their
    fans like their equals.. it’s magic..

  • it’s the best video tha i have seen… i almost die when dave smiles to the

  • dude your soo lucky that he pointed u out and even looked towards ur camera

  • Holy crap that’s INSANE!!!!! So sad I missed Vegas, but that clip just made
    my morning. Thank you.

  • That part starting around :50 where he is ‘flying like a bird’ is amazing..
    was amazing, since i saw it there too.. no one can dance and perform like
    Dave right now. Best front man performing now..

  • I’m suffering from Depressed Mode…(the period of time immediately
    following a DM show, when it ends and the lights come on) DAMN…DM RULES

  • This is fantastic! Thank you for putting this up. I think they are the band
    with the most impact on people’s hearts ever!!

  • How can we have so many dislikes for this masterpiece? Fuck you! They
    probably made the decision to dislike this video WITH their television.

  • In the concert in Chile, Dave looked at my camera for a little while and
    smile at me… I almost faint!! xD You are so lucky! He look at you for a
    very long time and looks like he is telling you something!!! This is the
    best gift that a devotee can have from Depche Mode… =)