Interview Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) about the new album ‘Sounds of the universe’

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  • god i love hiiiiiiiiiiim haha. nah he wasnt burning fletchhe was saying it
    as a joke, i mean it had some truth in it but it was just a joke obviously.
    besides you can tell he wasnt seriosu lol he wasnt like ranting and
    pointing his finger like «damn fletch! he doesnt give a fuck and plays all
    night!» ahahahahah

  • It’s endearing to hear Dave Gahan in interviews. I love his speaking voice
    alot, very sexy. Dave is a very sexy man. I love this interview. Dave is so
    honest in this interview too. I love him so much and this interview makes
    me love him even more!!!

  • I like it this interview and also his lips….he si sooo sweet, and cute..
    Love yoy Baby….DM 4ever. Maha.

  • who is this fuckin asshole that spoke in the middle of the interview? Was
    Dave’s father? I don’t think so… :) holy shit… it just started to
    become interersting (for the blondie and Dave as well)

  • Hope he’s getting better, was already for the O2 Arena. Good interview,
    thanks for posting.. Awesome band.

  • @industrialrockk i read yr comment first before i watched the video because
    my connection was bad and the video still loading. when i then took the
    first look at dave i could actually see where the shia comparison comes
    from. it’s the hairdo and the shape of his face that reminds A BIT of shia.

  • Firstly, thanks for loading this video. I really enoyed the parts where
    Dave talks about writing for the band versus himself with his Solo efforts.
    If you havent taken in any of his solo stuff I would reccomend it. Some of
    it (not all) is quite impressive. Secondly, I think Dave is being humble or
    maybe he’s slowing a bit, because the vast majority of the concerts I have
    seen from DM have lasted 3 — 3 ½ hours long — getting a couple of short
    breaks with Martin coming down to center stage.

  • Well it’s true though. Lol, you can hear the interviewer chuckling when
    he’s saying it. Haha

  • @industrialrockk I hear ya I hear ya…but I think it was funny how on
    google images i looked up dave and saw a pic of shia labouf and the caption
    said he should play dave in a movie about DM. Put the pics next to each
    other and you see it. Shia just needs to learn how to act first lol

  • Dave Gahan > Shia LeBouf (sexiness and talent being the contributing
    factor). But either way i don’t even see it in the facial expressions…