such an underrated jem in their library imo

such an underrated jem in their library imo

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  • This is a song which when I first heard it sounded nothing like Depeche Mode. It grew on me and it is now one of my favourites. I can feel DM and the producer holding back from ‘over production’ and keeping it to an amazing minimalism. Towards the end it starts to build up but the build up is cut short. I’ve asked others what they think the lyrics mean. I have my own interpretation and they strike a chord within me.

  • It’s my favorite album with the heavy bass beats, deep lyrics from both of their writing and the growth in the electronic sounds they used. Definitely doesn’t have the hits from the 80s and 90s but a solid album nonetheless

  • I don’t care as much for it because I prefer their heavily melodic songs rather than the old style electronica, but I love the words….

  • Agreed. I recently discovered DM last year and did a marathon of their entire discography they have lots of really cool songs you would never hear if you only listened to the “highlights”