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Video Rating: 4 / 5

9 комментариев

  • Finished the book couple months ago, I am beyond pumped for this final
    performance from the great PSH going out with a bang.

  • The passing of PSH should be among the most tragic of celebrity deaths of
    recent memory (among other great ones like the timeless Roger Ebert).
    Rarely has an actor been so provocative in terms of being in comedies and
    the most major of dramas (prompting his magnetic work as an overall
    thespian). May another great servant of the film industry and arts rest in
    peace, and his past work be looked upon as some of the best American cinema
    that I or anybody else has ever witnessed.

  • I know PSH was a brilliant actor.. no doubt about that.. but why is
    everyone ignoring the fact he overdose just like every other crackhead?
    Like c’mon.