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  • who the fuck disliked this?! m.f’s, this is perfect, thumbs up

  • this is my all time fave dm song….i thought shed kill it….im
    surprised….shes done it well :)

  • @cullyvan I urge all you ‘plebs’ out there, to unite and support me against
    this pompous, middle aged scotsman. How many of you, like me as a child
    ,loved ‘Butlins’ and cherish the ‘badges’ obtained, to this day? Cullyan,
    is a ‘snobby’ cloth eared muppet obsessed by the fact that Ms Boyle’s
    success emanated from a talent show. In all honesty ,I ask you, what other
    avenue was open to her? I can think of none! Subo rules OK!

  • im a huge depeche fan..dont usually like covers of original stuff..but this
    version is stunning..i tip my hat to ya

  • @cullyvan What exactly is wrong with being female,scottish and middle aged?
    Sexist,racist,ageist?- you really hit the ‘Jackpot’ in prejudice, here.
    Moreover, I make my point without the need for ‘expletives’ Don’t you
    realise, they only detract from your arguement, and make you appear very
    ‘low rent’ indeed? No offence, but I think the ‘idiot’ here, may be nearer
    to home than you think.

  • Susan Boyle Covers Depeche ModeRolling Stone premiered Susan Boyle’s newest
    single, a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” It somehow manages
    to make Tori Amos’ cover sound chirpy .

  • @cullyvan The only “lowest demoninator average crap” is you. She can sing
    this song live. The live version is better than this studio one. You are an
    ignorant POS.

  • very nice cover of a very nice song and great 80’s band. way to go Susan. i
    love it!!!

  • @allnamesaretakenful Wow, I’m sure you’re right, but it’s a bit too deep
    for a ‘moron’ like me!

  • @theknightlynews It’s Susan’s voice, not her. But everything goes together
    perfectly. You just need to see the Lost in Translation first, last scene
    probably would fit best…