We asked our fans which song they’d like to hear from the new album, based on clips from, and “Good Night” was the win…

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  • Today was the first time I heard this song… and waht can I say now…?
    I’m totally in love with it!!!!!!

  • First Time Listening this song…. and its addictive – replay-

  • This song is one of those songs you dance around seductively in your
    underwear to.

  • I can’t wait for the live show to roll back through town October 1st!

  • OMG…me before i heard this song -.- and after i heard it O.O….i was
    totally stunned lol…EPIC!

  • I love this, it sure would be appreciated if you guys came down to utah to
    play for all the people stuck in this shithole

  • @systemsyn If you will come to Germany I would like to see Imperative
    Reaction too so maybe you can come together like an extension to your
    Triptych tour. :D Would be great. Anyway I look forward to the 16th?
    September and October buying two new albums.

  • My favorite album by far love all the songs i listen to them all day every

  • YAYY!!! I’m so excited for october!!!!!!!! i feel like I’ve been waiting
    forever since strangers….!!!! i’ve bought all your albums online and all
    the merch i can get my grubby little fingers on!!! much love, i respect you
    so much as an artist and every direction you choose to take your work, i
    love it all <3

  • @Chibichan86 Thanks! See you in Atlanta! Please be sure to say hi!