System Syn - Losing My Religion

System Syn covering R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion from their latest EP, “Here’s to You.” This cover has quickly become one of my favorite songs ever, and is ev…
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  • This is better than the original! is there anything Clint cant do!!!!!!!!!

  • @djnihil That explains why all 3 are on tour together! AND why I am seeing
    them in Chicago on the 27th!

  • I was at that show in St. Pete, FL. There were like 10 people in the
    audience. I’m like, “OK, there’s about 100,000 people in my area who
    missing one of the best shows this year…”

  • I know right? It’s really a shame many people don’t give a shit about this
    type of music. It’s their loss. And for all the talk about
    Goth/Industrial/EBM/etc dying, I think it’s pumping out some of the most
    brilliant stuff ever. Good time to be a fan of this music.

  • Can he fly to the moon on a rocket ship he made out of bananas? Cause that
    would be awesome. Also, killer song.

  • Yeahhh q buen cover, me gustó mucho!! Suena muy bien :D no conocía a ésta

  • @MutleeIsTheAntiGod Must be nice. That tour didn;t come anywhere near close
    to where I live. /sadface

  • Oh how I wish they’d come to Colorado Springs or Denver. Hell, I’d drive to
    Albuquerque for him.

  • @GoreHoundEBM That’s a good question. Especially including the fact the man
    does System Syn, and is also in Imperativee Reaction and God Module, I am
    sure there is little he cannot do.

  • @djnihil It was awesome, but to be honest the 3 best bands were Bella
    Morte, Ludovico Technique and God Module, SS was average and Imperative was
    standard to me.