Okay, so! Third time’s the charm? I am a perfectionist and this song has brought me a lot of luck, which is why I’m bothering to spice up this video yet agai…
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  • Julie! How the hell do you tag someone on youtube now? lol. Anyways, I’m so
    glad you liked it, Sam! It’ll balance out some of the other responses I
    know I’m gonna get, lol. 

  • *SammyKitty92*, lmao! You’re awesome, haha! The surprise bitch of youtube,
    lol! I’d like to give them one of those, haha. But yes, I do the same
    thing, most people do, they put this song away, forget about it, then it
    plays and they just automatically start moving! :-) Or in the case of you
    and me, singing and dancing…!

  • Oh it’s your yearly Tollie vid to this song!! lol man….but yeah, your
    editing on this is the best yet, you did such a good job on overlays and
    flashes here!! I’m really impressed!! And also hoping that you are AT LONG
    LAST satisfied and done with this song lol…and maybe will try vidding
    ANYTHING BUT THE GAGS for you next vid?? Seriously, begging on my hands and
    knees here, baby, lol.

  • Aaaww you’re the sweetest to mention me in the description! Thank you so
    much for that! Everything you said was so lovely! *hugs* Girl, you need to
    stop trying to top yourself! You did good with this! Every version has been
    good actually! But yeah, I agree with Julie, this version is the best!
    Naturally as you go along you get better and better! I cringe when I watch
    my old videos. lol so basically that means I WANT YOU TO VID MORE AND
    MORE!!!! I know, inspiration is a fickle friend, but I really hope we do
    get to see more from you in the near future! The Clois vid you dedicated to
    me makes me very happy! Anywho, great job and keep vidding baby! We want
    mooooaaaarrrr!!!! <3

  • Oh my god this song is like the “surprise bitch” of youtube once I think I
    will never hear it in a video IT COMES BACK! And then I have to listen and
    dance and sing to it for the next like few months XD BAD ROMANNNCCCCEEEE!!

    Anyway… nice work!!!! :D