“So we meet again!” and I offer my hand All dry and English slow And you look at me and I understand Yeah it’s a look I used to know “Three long years… and…
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  • we know it, it’s been 3 years ago and we do not remember well why, for the
    rest it is useless to get angry so much,you calm down, not good for you to
    get angry

  • But “If only….” Is a wish too late… ..That hurts … I´m sorry I didn´t
    want this was over this way !!!

  • @gibboj94 It was included in the Best of collection back in 2001.

  • we were joking of course, the song is incomplete, we do not remember why,
    we do not give explanations we hold, thx for the comment have a great day,
    for the rest you’re right