Memorable single from The Cure.

  • Monday hold your head,
    Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed
    Thursday watch the walls
    Friday I’m in love……………………..100 % this dude is unemployed

  • HECK! — Guy is in-love on-Fridays ONLY?????
    Why THAT’S Absurd! — What the Hell is he doing for the Rest of his WEEK?
    I happen to be IN-LOVE all 7 days in the Week-full 24 hours of the Day-365
    days in the Year!

  • Good Morning G+’s and world. It’s Friday!! Have a great day and an even
    greater weekend. No fun facts today, but remember that You affect the world
    by what you browse.


  • First time I saw the flying pig. Had watched that video so many times over
    the years.

  • I don´t care, it´s Friday and I AM IN LOVE! No cure from THE CURE! kkk

  • Honestly, I don’t know much about The Cure, I sort of just got into them,
    but this is so cute, and Robert’s dance moves are adorable.

  • This week has stared off not so well and I find myself looking forward to
    Friday Love.

  • Week starts. Monday, then monday2, monday 3, monday 4 then FRIDAY, then
    saturday, and last the day before monday. and then the weeks starts over
    Again. LOVE LIFE

  • Also, I love Bowmore Whisky as well. Just in the middel of a bottle at £30
    a pop

  • I am 60,i really like this song,but I don’t see any UGLY people in this
    music video clip.

  • Thank You for this comment! There is hope in this world after all! I dream
    an end to dubstep and autotune.

  • My brother is goth and he is almost always happy, but he just has a good
    sense of humor I suppose.