The Cure, Let’s Go To Bed , Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, November 25, 2011.

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  • He could almost be as good a dancer as he is singing  ahh but I love his
    little dances

  • I was there!! I wanted to jump on the stage so bad too!! She is so lucky to
    kiss him! But boy did thy tackle her like a football player! I have some
    videos that I’ll post up when I have some time. It was a great night!

  • Love you forever my only onexxforever and ever and ever,more than all the
    stars in the sky….

  • Its not a She its a He! His name is Oscar Diaz from New York. He is an old
    school Goth from the 80’s .

  • Robert is tripping his brains off,lol! I love youtube because i didnt go
    either:( i was wondering who the smoocher was…wish it were me:P xxxxx

  • WOOOOO AMAZING !!!!!!!! went Sat night and thanks for this!!!! am goin thru
    terrible Cure withdrawal :(

  • Has anyone ever noticed the fact that Robert Smith keeps referencing about
    cats in most of his songs. Dude really likes cats.

  • Looked at setlist. They did 48 songs at this show? Was the show 3 hours?

  • I fuckin love this, I was at the LA show on November 22 & he did the same
    dance and I just fuckin adore it!!! <3 <3 ROBERT SMITH <3 <3 thx for
    sharing this!!!

  • @takerele same problem here. i feel i need a support group :) (cure
    announcing next tour would help too)

  • er hat´s immer noch drauf..irre..Robert my Idol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!