The Depeche Mode Awards Results!

Greetings and welcome to the Depeche Mode awards!

I am your host u/kceh__ot__og

Viewers all across the r/depechemode subreddit have anxiously voted for their favourite member, albums and songs. We are very grateful for the enthusiasm and feedback that we received! Before we get to the nominees, I would like to say that we have not forgotten the likes of Exciter, Playing The Angel and Spirit. Those albums deserve their own category and awards show.

Presenting our first award we have former band member Vince Clarke!

Vince: Hello guys! The discography of Depeche Mode is extensive and for that reason, choosing the best of the best means sometimes forgetting some of the most vital records. Here are your nominees for…

**Reddit’s Favourite Snubbed Song**

* Leave in Silence

* Nothing

* Behind the Wheel

* Judas

* Lie To Me

* Condemnation

* Blue Dress

* Here is the House

* Question of Lust

Vince: And the winner is…. **opens envelope** >!Behind the Wheel!<

*cuts to commercial*

Welcome back! The next category we have is:

**Reddit’s Favourite REMIX!**

The nominees are:

* Strangelove (Blind Mix)

* Master and Servant (Slavery Whip Mix)

* In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)

* Policy of Truth (Capitol Mix)

* World in my Eyes (Oil Tank Mix)

* Get the Balance Right (Combination

The winner is….>!In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)!<

The next category was a very competitive one…

The nominees are…

* Alan Wilder

* Andrew Fletcher

* Dave Gahan

* Martin Gore

The winner is…>![Him!](!<

Next category is

**Favourite Album (1981-1984)**

* Some Great Reward

* Speak and Spell

* A Broken Frame

* Construction Time Again

The winner is… [….](

**Favorite B-side (Instrumental)**

* Kaleid
* Agent Orange
* Pimpf
* Christmas Island

* Memphisto

The winner:

**Favorite B-side (Non-instrumental)**

* Happiest Girl
* Sea of Sin
* Set Me Free
* But Not Tonight
* In Your Memory

The Winner:

[The next categories](

[The next categories](

**Favorite Album (1986-1997)**

* Black Celebration
* Music For The Masses
* Songs of Faith and Devotion
* Violator
* Ultra

The winner is [this album](

Since we have a tie…the winners of the favorite end-of-album stinger are:

*Blasphemous Rumors and Clean* (the other nominees were Higher Love and New Dress)

[The Next Set of Winners](

Stay tuned for the next set of awards. We’ll be back after the break!



We’re back!

Here are the next set of winners and nominations:

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The second last category is: **Most Politically Relevant**

* People Are People
* Everything Counts
* Agent Orange
* Policy of Truth
* New Dress

[The winner is…](

The final category of the night is…






The nominees are:

* Policy of Truth
* Stripped
* Walking in My Shoes
* It’s No Good
* Fly on the Windscreen
* Strangelove
* Enjoy the Silence
* But Not Tonight
* Shake the Disease

[The winner is…](×576.jpg)

Thank you for voting and thank you for tuning in. If you want to vote for the new wave awards…

Votes will be collected until Sunday at 10 AM EST.

The winners will be announced Sunday Evening!

Be there or be square fellow new wavers!

Enjoy lads and we will be back next year!

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