The Eternal Idols Epidose 11 : Black Sabbath - Born Again

Ralph Viera (Dr.Fukk) from the band Thrash Or Die( reviews the discography of Black Sabbath. Born Again is the elevent…

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  • This Album ROCKS!… I think Ian added a new flavor in Black Sabbath back
    then…just as DIO did…but my Black Sabbath is with Ozzy… you just
    can’t beat the original…

  • Great review man bought time I find someone who give this album the proper
    respect it deserves I bought this album a couple years ago I got one of the
    germen imports I crank this album every chance I get your right some of the
    sickest screams on a album I ever herd he just lets loose and I love it
    alot thanks for the great review I love watching your reviews I learn alot
    from them I get to school my brother cause he dose not know much thanks
    again man.

  • i don’t care what any of those naysayers say. This album rules! And I like
    sabbath in all their incarnations.

  • I love this album, at the time though it seemed like most people hated it,
    press/media critics hated it too obviously (yes they’re not people ;) ) and
    that bad reception may have played some sort of unofficial part in why
    Gillan left when the better option of doing Purple again came along. “Keep
    it Warm” I think is like their country(!) song, it does for some weird
    reason remind me of that genre. But overall a very underrated offering that
    always had its fans only more so now I think than then.

  • @blacksabbath1012 That’s the plan brother! Cant wait to talk about the Ozzy
    albums. Especially the first two!

  • Trashed is a great song, man. Think I still have a k tel cassette with
    Trashed on it. Somewhere.

  • @Trumuzicfan192 haha. i fucked up bcause I was fucked up due to my co-host

  • I like born again.I seen them in concert with quiet riot,one he’ll of a
    concert on 1983 tour.

  • You nailed it correctly, it was also one that possessed
    me…aahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahah ooooooooooh nooooo!!! m/m/

  • I’m finally about to buy the deluxe edition of Born Again, can’t wait to
    get it!

  • Incredibly heavy is fucking right!!!! This is the heaviest album Sabbath
    ever made! My first Sabbath concert was the BA Tour!! Btw, Tony approved
    the album cover. He and Don were the only ones to like it lol

  • @eternalidols Whats the name of the song you played at 0:44 ?

  • @loouuni cant rmember. i think i jut looked for it on google and found som
    site that was selling it. this was like a year or so ao.

  • Dude I love your vids, you make me laugh too!! Keep it up m/ from New

  • @MontanaFLCL Damn, Montana. Well, at least you like my two favorites.

  • i love this album its so fucking heavy and doomy, zero the hero is the
    fucking most evil song ive ever heard no joke!!