The Future Sound of London – Pulse State Accelerator (Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ 1991)
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  • Hi there ! Hope you are still feel like a teenager even if you’re in your
    40 now ! :) are you back in London yet ? :))) PEACE & LOVE

  • rave generation where the hippies of the 90s was great!!!

  • Made in 1991 and still it sounds fresh. FSOL keeping it real :0)

  • what is happening to electronic music today! this is amazing. i wish i was
    born earlier to expieriance the rave generation :(

  • Pure love am 38 next monday july 4th and I still feel like that 16/17 yr
    old everytime I hear this, I moved to london when I was 23/24 to do a
    degree in music I came back home in 2001 and hopefully I will move back
    there in the next couple of yrs fingers crossed and it was this track that
    gave me love for london and FSOL i will always love FSOL as long as I live
    pure love pure love pure love ! d;o))

  • Charlie says ” meowoooeeee FSOL is the tits meeeow” and Charlie knows best

  • I love the video! Reminds me of Michael Stearns album Planetary Unfolding,
    and the text on its cover. It’s too long to fit here, but I suggest you to
    check it out.

  • Happy 39th birthday bruv, we are of the same time. I was on here one year
    after your comment, and thought best wishes were in order…. Peace, The
    Rave Generation!