Soulsavers new album, THE LIGHT THE DEAD SEE, features vocals and lyrics by Dave Gahan. The record is the follow-up to 2009 s critically acclaimed album Broken .

Soulsavers the music and production team of Rich Machin and Ian Glover have been a growing force since 2003 s debut Tough Guys Don t Dance .

Venturing out from the studio to the road, Soulsavers were invited to support Depeche Mode on the European leg of their vast and eventful 2009-10 Tour Of The Universe, during which tour Dave Gahan bounced back from more than his fair share of illness and injury. Here, the seeds of The Light The Dead See were sewn. We got to know each other, says Machin. I really warmed to him, thought he was a particularly nice guy. Dave said he was a fan of our previous albums, and watched us almost every night, and, as you do, we said: Hey, we should work on something, at some point in time…
The Light The Dead See

Apr 04,2018 05:38:21 UTC