gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - The Sun and the Rainfall,Depeche Mode

Many photos from Depeche Mode shows.

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  • Broken Frame was (still is) excellent. From ‘Leave In Silence’ through to the end.

  • I would seriously crap myself if they busted out this song live. Photographic was a real gift a few tours ago.

  • my favourite album also. near perfection. the album transition from «shouldnt have done that» to «the sun and the rainfall» is something you cant explain using only words

  • un album flojo solo en tu opinion claro. No puedes carcterizar tu como tampoco yo si es flojo o no .Si podemos opinar nada mas !

  • es un album flojo,pero bueno!esta cancion es excelente!sin dudas ,el mejor de ese disco.saludos a todos.

  • An amazaing song, it’s so much better than this shit like David Guetta, who doesn’t sing and also always be with that nigga called «Akon»!!!!!!!!!! D.M. is the best of all!!!!!!!!LOL

  • @dmhungary
    I agree. This song is easily better than the singles from this album: «Leave in Silence,» «See You,» and «The Meaning of Love.» I’m rather surprised this wasn’t released as a single.

  • every DM´s song has its particular magic and this one is not the exception.. great song

  • This was the song I first thought Depeche Mode are going to be my fave band.. You could just tell the potential of them.

  • very cool!!!! I dunno why some people say that a broken frame was a bad album, all DM albums are great and fantastic, love it!!

  • Had a bad break up, man it hurt. And this track helped me through it major. Dont want to come across all mushy, but the lyrics fitted to the situation like a glove. DM have been so misunderstood as a band, and vastly underated. And those few friends i know that are into them, well they are a breed apart. Best band in the world for me, wouldnt be the person i am today without them.