Finally the second part of the little fun video is back. Again, don’t take it serious! It’s not an offence. (And NO, I don’t think, they are gay – it’s just …
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  • “Until You Saw The Sea” was the title given to whoever originally
    bootlegged it, after they misheard the line “And you won’t reap the
    harvest, until you’ve sown the seed”. And there are doubts that it’s
    DM-related at all because Alan doesn’t remember it. But if it is, then it’s
    definitely Alan singing, not Martin. Compare it to Alan’s demo of “If You
    Want” – the voice sounds very similar.

  • that’s very good Martin-like Leave in Silence version.. where can I get it
    ? :p I’ve seen just the live perfomance, but that was slower.

  • It might be a Recoil Track(That was the band Alan Formed after he
    left)……Try looking for it under Recoil

  • GOOD VIDEO i didn’t know that Depeche Mode’s story is so funny and black.
    It’s the Black Truth. Where did you get the pictures of them in the 80’s?
    give me the links please and will be very grateful to me. Thanks

  • On several fan-sites ;-) I was looking for something special and then got
    lost in an amount of funny pics :D

  • at first i didn’t realize it was a joke and got kinda angry but then read
    the description and laughed my ass off. Keep em comin’

  • It’s some kind of comic. In comics people can do loads of things they
    normally can’t ;-)

  • Dont worry lad, we’ve wait longer for a second Star Wars trillogy (20 yrs)
    so what’s five years really?

  • The name of it is “Until You Saw The Sea”. As far as I know it was written
    by Alan. I found it on a website with demotracks and bootlegs. They never
    recorded this song properly and, of course, never released it.

  • It’s “I love you love me love” and probably a demoversion to Counterfeit
    e.p. or Counterfeit 2. It’s impossible to post links here but I can send
    you a message with the link to the website where I found it.

  • whos that doing a cover of leave in silence its pretty good!! ??

  • omg i wanna the picture of 2:25 please make me happy.. i love martin!

  • Sorry, for a reason I don’t know my answer wasn’t excepted. Maybe because
    of a link? :o Send a message …