Thoughts: Depeche Mode's Spirit

Thoughts: Depeche Mode’s Spirit

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  • Only listened to half the album so far so keep that in mind. Slightly disappointed. DM never puts out a bad album…but every once in awhile they put out a forgettable album and I’m afraid Spirit falls into this category.

    Listened to the entire thing and I’ll keep with my original sentiment. It’s average. It’s not terrible…but it’s far from original and it lacks that certain DM energy I anticipate with every new album. A few of the included remixes are a nice utility tool for DJ DM fans but overall this ranks near the bottom of their discography and is a big step down from Delta Machine :/

  • Definitely positively surprised me. They successfully went for something new here while keeping their unique style, which is the reason I’m their fan. Just sounds really pleasing to the ear, really good sounds on this one

  • Listened to it once, too, in a crowded coffee shop whilst working…

    I’m not a lyric person, but dang if some of the stuff being said is important these days.

    Musically, some things really did stick out and threw me on an old-school loop.

    I look forward to the next couple of listens! That’s when the cream rises to the top for me…

  • It’s subdued, but so far I like it a LOT more than both Delta Machine and Sounds of the Universe.

    *Cover Me* and *Fail* are the two standout tracks for me so far… and btw, does the latter contain the first use of the word «fuck» in a DM song?

  • Dave’s songwriting is on par with Martin’s songwriting on this album, Cover Me is a absolute masterpiece!

    And I like the openign track Backwards, amazing start!

  • I am freakin’ obsessed with this album right now, although I think the reason for that might be that I’m a goth/industrial/metal fan, and this feels like Depeche Mode’s dirtiest, most industrial album yet.

    I love how inspiring Going Backwards and Where’s The Revolution Are. Scum is like my internal monologue and I love how vicious it is. So Much Love makes me want to cry (in a good way), and No More is a good groover. You Move might be the sexiest song I’ve heard from DM. I was always going to like the slow songs the least, but generally I’ve been knocked sideways by how much I like this album. Can’t wait for my vinyl to come through!

  • Music is solid all the way through. Still getting used to some of the lyrics. Eternal is ridiculously good. Remixes are solid as well especially Fail-cinematic mix.

  • Only one whole listen in so far, so maybe over-reactionary but…

    Ah man, I’m SO relieved! (BIG fan since MFTM days and before here…)

    Going Backwards is one of the best songs they’ve done since PTA. Maybe Ultra… Ford has added so much more depth and interest to the mixes…Scum is off its tits!
    Apart from PTA, I didn’t get on with much of the stuff Hillier did with them at all. More miss than hit, but this is on point for me in the main. Low points — probably the MG songs. Has he just sung the same song 6 times over the past 3 albums? Maybe harsh…

    But yeah, really pleased so far.

    Edit:going backwards

  • I was very pleasantly surprised. I can name more good tracks than bad.

    Favorites: «Going Backwards,» «Scum,» «Cover Me,» «So Much Love,» «Fail»

    Surprises: Martin’s devestating vocal on «Eternal;» Dave’s sonic leap as a songwriter. And, based on my own/DMMB’s analysis of «Scum,» apparently Martin still hasn’t gotten over his tiff with Simon Cowell.

    Dislikes: Excessive vocal processing (except on «Scum,» where it works); the occasional chillout vibe.

  • Pleasantly surprised that this isn’t another Delta Machine, and I’m very glad Ben Hillier’s been replaced this time round. It sounds new.

    It’s a lot more agressive than I expected too- it’s got a lot of that trademark Martin Gore lyrical sarcasm. Scum is probably the angriest thing they’ve put out past Useless from Ultra.

    There are a dead in the water tracks- The Worst Crime gets the skip button pressed each time it starts because it’s just far too slow and on-the-nose. Its lyrics aren’t clever, it’s dull and predictable. I’m not a big fan of Eternal or Poorman either. But hey, every album (nearly) has its duds.

    As for tracks I like:

    The album starts on a high with Going Backwards; brillaint opening track. Blows Welcome to my World out of the water. Love the driving feel of it to really get things going.

    Where’s the Revolution is pretty good, got an anthemic quality to it.

    Scum is abrasive and angry but works nicely, if slightly out of character.

    You Move is dark and dirty, like an amped up Fly on the Windscreen.

    Cover me- I’m not a fan of the way the song starts at all. But it grows in to something reminiscent of Clean, and I like that.

    Poison Heart is definitely a bit weaker lyrically but grows on you.

    So Much Love is fun, though I can’t place what it reminds me of.

    Then for the two I keep coming back to over an over: Firstly, No More- it’s great. It’s subtle, but classic.
    Fail- ending the the album with a Martin song turns out to be a good idea, one of the best Martin songs in a very long time.

    That’s most of my ramble. The main thing I can say is unlike Delta Machine, most of it gets multiple plays.

  • So pleased we’ve seen the back of Hillier, who always produced an airy, ephemeral version of DM that never created belters. One example is the last track Fail — around the 3:00 mark drums kick and suddenly the song has a spine; Hillier would have kept it plinky-plonky which meant the song went in one ear and other the other.

    I think this is the best since Ultra and on first listen reminds me of a Construction Time Again for the modern age. Several stand-out tracks — but I think people’s hopes of Violator/Black Celebration classics just have to be put to rest; they were created not by Depeche Mode but because Depeche Mode was actually on the air-waves and reaching a different audience. Constant replays on MTV, massive stadium concerts. These days DM are feeding the same audience over and over — I’m a happy eater, so no complaint here — and their releases are injected into the echo-chamber of the fans.

    Seen in isolation, it’s the most relevant record DM has made for years. Ive given up on waiting for another World in My Eyes to show up and now I’m just happy if their records are good. And this one is definitely that.

  • I am a fan of this album and the theme is very politically charged. I keep reading reviews that this will be the first political album of the post Brexit and Trump Administration. As well as giving the middle finger to Simon Cowell in «Scum».

    I seem to be drawn the most to «Cover Me» in the first listen it was my favorite. The first two three tracks give the album
    an extremely strong open.

    To have Black Celebration and Spirit be released on the same day had my Devoted Heart happy and floating to happiness.

  • Loving the new album! I was so excited for Friday to come (stopped by Fry’s to buy the album before heading to work, LOL).

    My favorites thus far are Scum, You Move, Cover Me, No More, and Fail.

  • I’m finding it more like a bluesy album — but I’m really into the lyrics and the general make up of the album… a lot of nay-Sayers to it but they can’t appreciate good music. Daves voice sounded fantastic at the Telekom gig also!

  • «Meh.» Like someone else said; nothing stands out. I’m trying to like it, I WANT to like it but it’s pretty forgettable so far :/

  • Disappointed. Definitely one of their weakest records. Music is not bad, it’s just mediocre to DM standards. But maybe it’s too late to have them release something powerful like SOFAD. Still happy they keep touring though…

  • I’ve only listened to it once so far, but my thoughts:

    Going Backwards is probably my favorite song on the entire album, and an incredible opener. I love the sort of bluesy-western-apocalyptic vibe it gives (to me at least).

    Where’s the Revolution sounds like an updated «Corrupt» from SOTU—which isn’t a bad thing. I like Corrupt, and this is fine too. It’s just…not quite great. Doesn’t quite get there for me. Almost though; a good first single.

    Then the album for me kind of hits a wall. Seems to slow WAYYY down and fall into the void DM seems to get into where the songs don’t really have hooks (or sometimes even melodies).

    That said, You Move and So Much Love were nice pace-changers. You Move actually may be my #2 favorite pick.

    It might grow on me. Actually I’m sure it will. Exciter and SOTU both took forever but they grew too. But Spirit just seems kind of flat and dull too often. Delta Machine wasn’t particularly memorable either but at least it had volume to compensate for its lack of hooks.

    We’ll see. Still happy to have it! :)

  • I’ve only given it one full listen so far but it’s an enjoyable album. It might grow on me more over time.

    «Going Backwards» is terrific.