Thoughts on what looks like a high value of an old DM Stripped single [12 BONG 10 - white vinyl]

Hello — I’ve never visited this sub before, but looked up one of my old DM singles and found it to be worth quite a bit and I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on why.

So I was going through my vinyl yesterday and looked up the value of the German white vinyl Stripped (Highland Mix) single [12 BONG 10]:

[Discogs]( $399.99

[ebay]( $282

[popsike]( as high as $593

I was a bit shocked as nearly 30 years ago I bought this for probably about $15 at a record store in Irvine, CA — mainly because it was my first colored vinyl.

Anyone know why it has gone so high in value? From looking around, the black vinyl goes for cheap and the blue marbled is less than $75.

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