Top 15 Best Depeche Mode videos

*Disclaimer: this is just a list based on my personal opinion, you’re free to judge this in any way you like.*

**15. [Everything Counts](** The short film was made in Berlin, exhibiting images of the city taken from a car, actually a long bridge showing what money can achieve, showing the main melody performed in the xylophone but percussed by Alan Wilder.
The members appear on a beach watching people sunbathe and resting, making another basic reference to what can be achieved with money. Although it is a very simple video, its cleaning of images and the basic concepts made him stand out and over the years and managed to be considered one of the best of DM.

**14. [It’s No Good](** The video shows DM as a trio of small-time musicians beginning by taking his turn in a cabaret where the attendees have just litigated. The video by Corbijn, totally in color as it is not normal on him, was as always done with his particular simplistic vision of understanding the group’s concepts, thus Gahan has no synchronicity with the track of the song, the presenter does not know how to pronounce well the name of the song, deliberately and apparently it is all badly filmed with badly performed scenes, dressed in a very pretentious way, in short like the title of the song, «It’s No Good». After their ill-fated presentation, in a taxi they go to Hotel ULTRA where they play again but their money was stolen without even realizing it. Finally, without money, the girls take another taxi leaving them alone at night, walking with their instruments and their clothes on their backs.

**13. [Strangelove](** This one does not present excessive pretension and on the contrary focuses on showing sensual images of a white girl posing her body dressed in a very normal way until going undressing. Then changing to a black girl dressed in a more daring way, who also gets naked , while the members of the band appear as mere spectators because at no time contains love encounters, not even hugs, although in some scenes the members play with one of the girls. It only has prominence in showing the bodies of both women, with which it has an apparent notorious macho tinge, however it highlights the concept of female domination over men through the idea of ​​what is wanted but can not be touched, with which would be very sexist. The interpretation is always open.

**12. [Personal Jesus](** Personal Jesus is a very mocking song, which was evidenced mainly with his video, in which the members of Depeche Mode appear as four sensual cowboys doing a parody of the well-known American cowboy. The song itself is a satire towards the excessive commercialization of religion made by the so-called apostles precisely in the United States. It is one of the videos of Depeche Mode that faced censorship given the suggestive and explicit of its images, so in the United States an edited version was shown on the MTV channel. Note that the video was shot in the desert of Tabernas, in Almería

**11. [Never Let Me Down Again](** The promotional video for Never Let Me Down Again was directed by the Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn, who printed in this one, as in many others he has done for the group, his particular simplistic vision getting an eloquent short film full of symbolism at the same time. The video is totally black and white, and shows David Gahan taking a road in an old European compact car (specifically a BMW Isetta) while on the road appear the other three members running and looking for him «not to drop it», until the vocalist ends up textually resting on crutches without being able to stand up.

**10. [Enjoy The Silence](** The video shows the singer Dave Gahan dressed as a King, who wanders through valleys and mountains with a timeless beach chair, finding places to sit down to «Enjoy the Silence». Each scene cut looks the rose on the cover of the album in negative effect but in different chrome, after black and white images of the members of DM are interspersed in a totally dark room simply posing, observing, walking in front of the camera, even with a loose scene of Gahan as king holding a white card on which is the rose on the cover of Violator making it somehow the eponymous song of the album.

**9. [Stripped](** Stripped’s video had a slightly more aggressive form to what DM had handled until then, since it starts with the image of the car lighting up, to show a field scene at night, as described in the lyrics, although more or less lugubrious setting. When the industrial base begins the image of the members of DM beating the car with mallets, destroying it little by little, including the famous burning television. The rest is less painful, because Dave Gahan and Martin Gore appear singing in front of a projection of their faces.

**8. [Barrel Of A Gun](** During the Ultra era, Dave Gahan was one of the main protagonist of the DM lyrics, as he himself once said, while Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher instead of making supporting roles became rather representations of the mood and mental state of the singer, and moments almost in saviors in another direct reference to their internal problems as a music group. The video shows Gahan, still in deteriorated physical condition, in colors on a bed wriggling like a real junkie just for mental reasons, to then move on to the typical black and white of the director in which Gore and Fletcher appear with the vocalist who stages the state of persecution to which the drugs carry.

**7. [Wrong](** The video shows a Ford Crown Victoria rolling back down a street in downtown Los Angeles, it’s about a man immobilized with packing tape and his face covered with a pressing mask, who watches helplessly as his car loses control in the opposite direction, impacting with anything. When the tapes can be removed, the mask is removed, but it is prey to despair. And it is when suddenly, another car hits his, where the man takes a brutal blow at the window and remains motionless. Just going in the Wrong way…

**6. [Shake The Disease](** The video shows the band members in an old house, and in a kind of desolate industrial bodegón to complement the industrial sounds of the theme. But, more importantly, they all appear dressed in black which would become a fundamental part of their image in those years and ditched what would soon be the album Black Celebration, and its dark and dramatic sounds. Added to this, a curious effect was added where the members of DM, seemed to fall to the sides.

**5. [Walking In My Shoes](** This video of Corbijn, unlike several of those made for DM, is inspired by the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, making a strange analogy about unconditional love based mostly on showing ugly people with a physical far from being privileged dresses as monks and nuns for the theme of the album. For the video, Corbijn also designed some very large bizarre masks with the shape of a bird’s head and with a prominent peak that the protagonists carry, excelling in this way only the large masks, which would become fundamental for the promotion of the album. One of the most dantesque images of the video is that in which a couple of the actors with the bird masks appear skating dancing being this the scene of «pure love». Gahan as the true protagonist of the short film, it is a kind of rocker Christ dressed in a hedonistic way.

**4. [Martyr](** There may be discussion here, but it is one of my favorites. Martyr’s video turned out to be really a montage with multiple and varied shots of past videos of the group. It was directed by Robert Chandler, making it a kind of DM collage, and with which he somehow preserved the revisionist spirit of the «The Best Of» collection, showing by all the aesthetic changes that the band traveled and mainly, Dave Gahan. It shows various excerpts scattered from many of the previous videos of all the periods of DM, even the least liked for them like «See You», as well as fragments in concert of some of their albums on video, although yes, omitting any image of Alan Wilder.

**3. [Suffer Well](** This one features cameos from the wife of Dave Gahan and Jonathan Kessler, the manager of Depeche Mode, in addition to Martin Gore dressed as a bride, Andrew Fletcher as a boyfriend. According to some interpretations, this video contains several references to the battle that Gahan faced against his addiction to drugs.

**2. [Enjoy The Silence 04](** A spicy one, and in my opinion, the most underrated video of the band. The video is actually a digital animation in which images of Depeche Mode can be seen on some monitors playing Enjoy the Silence live during the concerts collected in the films Devotional, The Singles Tour and One Night in Paris. This second version of Enjoy The Silence has a story about a kind of invasion in an office building by a plant plague that culminates in roses, until finally on the roof of the building the cover of Violator is formed, maintaining the motive of the pink of the original video of Corbijn.

**1. [Precious](** For Precious, director Uwa Flade did something special by placing the three members impeccably dressed in an entirely virtual setting, in this case a steamboat. While the bridges of the song happen, it shows mechanized creatures on the sky/river and where Dave Gahan walks in his unreal corridors and appears among the machinery that moves him, which is actually made of synthesizers. In the last image, the three musicians arrive at the port of a plantation and at the rhythm of the closing of the song they walk through the abundant vegetation of the field towards the rising sun. In my opinion, this is the best video of the band because it clearly refers to the eternal industrial electronic sound that transformed DM into the pioneers of the genre.

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