Alright, sorry for no uploads in over half a year now. I have been busy with college and been out on vacations most of the summer, I am now doing top 20’s instead of top 50’s because it takes less time to make, and I feel motivated/happy to make it, contra the top 50’s wheras I took it as some sort of choir. The top 50’s are also too long and most people don’t care all that much for such a huge countdown, I know that top 10’s are actually even more ideal, but when I rank my favourite artists I just don’t want to limit myself that much, I’d leave out too much good music which just isn’t for me. If you read to the end thanks so much for actually caring :)

Also, if you want, you can recommend some artists for me to make a list on, I have heard enough music to (usually) be able to make a top 20 on most artists. But in case I haven’t I’ll get back to you in the comments.

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