HVN233 – TOY ‘Left Myself Behind’ Directed by Mark Donne Director of Photography Joe Morris. TOY is a Korg Delta led five-piece formed in 2010. It consists o…

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  • i met them in México city in the corona capital and his sound in live is
    really good

  • really good point, i will look forward to the next three years of this
    band, but I fear it will be a fruitless wait. Very sweet music now – the
    guitars are my favorite element, but it’s all a joy

  • thanks for the advice, and no I’m not insane, look online at all the main
    festivals, and you will realise how genres are replaced by fads, and if the
    fad is deviation from the genre, that’s fine, But mostly festivals like
    Glastonbury, Reading, V, are now corporate enterprises, And this change is
    what I was referring to, as they bedded in with music industry moguls, &
    sorry for the gender thing here, 50/50 is fine, but when I hear high pitch
    responce I know it’s time to move to a different tent

  • Are you insane? Festivals are loaded with excellent music. Ok, maybe in
    some festivals the main events are cheesy bullshit, but you still got a lot
    of good bands playing. Ever heard of Toro Y Moi? Metric? Temples? The
    Horrors? Fleet Foxes? And so on and on and on… C’mon, there’s a lot of
    great music being made these days. You just gotta dig a little deeper
    through all the corporate bullshit, that’s all.

  • From Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong to Toy…..and better for it.

  • Just hope this band is not a hype, and that we should look forward to the
    lead singer having a relationship with a super model that ends up failing
    miserably and after the 2nd album no-one pays attention to them anymore
    because their song is a theme song to some new tech gadget and Liam
    Gallagher appears as guest vocalist on an E.P.

  • Just a thought – This is how obsolete and vacuous the music industry is,
    when it only has Tame Impala, Grimes, and Toy to represent its youth
    development. Urbanisation of festivals, removing the rocker audience and
    replacing them with celebrity obsessed – pop in the park is a commercial
    success perhaps, but it has ripped the true heart out of the experience,
    and replaced it with something fake… i wish there were far more bands
    doing this…

  • You can have that opinion, but it doesn’t mean you should express it here.
    Go troll somewhere else.

  • Tom dougall stills better artist that you will ever be, i guess you dont
    write music or sing, your pic and your comment is just bad, your comment
    can blow me, fuck your whole opinion..

  • If I smear shit on a canvas and call it art is it art or is it shit smeared
    on a canvas?

  • No i’m somebody who has a negative opinion of something you like.

  • While reminiscent of the New Wave movement, they are bringing some new
    aspects to it. I think they’re doing fine. I like their sound a lot.
    Honestly, nearly every music ‘movement’ is a product or reaction to the
    music of its time. This ‘revival’ of ‘new wave’ (at least by Toy and The
    Horrors) is welcome as long as they do something interesting with it. These
    are early albums and they will change. Think of Radiohead’s first album
    compared to it’s most recent.

  • I don’t think you can call this a revival of the New Wave movement. Both
    TOY and The Horrors draw influence from lots of different genres, such as
    60’s psychedelia, krautrock, shoegaze, post-rock… New wave / post-punk
    isn’t by far their only influence. And every band in history has done this:
    drawing influence from lots of stuff AND still creating something. Even the
    Beatles, ffs. While I agree the Horrors still need to grow up, I think
    TOY’s debut is just absolutely amazing.