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  • @ultrawest: There was a time when Valencia was fantastically communicated in terms of music , now youngness is corrupted by reggaeton …

  • Your choice of songs is right in line with my favorite songs of youth. A lot of passion here. Great cover… and your range is amazing. I couldn’t hit a high note to save my life. :D

  • @musicpat-2: thank you very very much for your attention and your precise comments, in fact i m working on transitions from normal to falsette since some sessions. Thats why i ve made some covers of Duran Duran , and heard Prince. I have a lot of doubts and i miss my adorated singing teacher ( xxxx xxx) , thats why i apreciate specially comments from a singer that i adore too. You know in spain young people are contaminated by reggaeton and mass media mediocrities. even my style is near to pop , so easy listenning, i only target since now people on my wave. But i think it should be interesting to make something that shoul like to my 15 years neigbours . thats why i m in experimentation with different voices and rithms and attitudes . Thanks Brielle

  • very cool sound and singing! love your vocals, especially the high ones towards the ending.