Mixed by Dj Runken 21-05-29
Tracklist :
Youtronic – samples Boytronic “You” (1983)
Go To It – samples Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Relax” (1983)
Sunrain – samples Depeche Mode “The Sun And The Rainfall” (1982)
Who Are The Robots – samples Kraftwerk “The Robots” (1978)
Gone – samples Everything But The Girl “Missing” (1994)
Falling – samples Pretty Poison “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” (1986)
Saving Prayers – samples Duran Duran “Save A Prayer” (1982)
Passing Days – samples Dirty Vegas “Days Go By” (2001)
No Lies – samples Depeche Mode “Lie To Me” (1984)
East End Boys – samples Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls” (1984)
Never Stop Dancing – samples Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) “Don’t Stop The Dance” (1985)
Envogue – samples Madonna “Vogue” (1990)


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