Value of an old singles box?

Hi everyone, sorry if my post is inappropriate, I figured this would be the best place to post it.

Back in 1991, three singles boxes were released under the name « DMBX ». (More details [here]( )

I happen to have DMBX1 et 3. However, I never listen to them. I prefer listening to the albums I own or Spotify for practical reasons.
So, I’d like to sell them, especially considering I’m a student and do not have a job. My question is: does anybody know if they hold any value? They were bought in Belgium by my mom and the packaging is a little damaged.

Also, would you advise trying to sell them on eBay?
Finally, my last question: I also have a t-shirt from the Spirit Festival Tour in 2018, with the members’ faces on it. Is it the kind of item that would interest anyone? I have a second one that I wear more often with the album’s logo on it, hence why I’m considering selling it.

Thank you for your read and for any possible responses. I’m a newcomer in this sub and I’m glad to join!

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  • eBay would be a good place to put it. There is always some collector would buy it simply to add to their collection. The easiest way to sell it on eBay would be to start the bidding at the low value and see how many people are interested and what they are willing to pay. This goes for both items